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Here is the list of our proudly maintained Open Source Projects

Nova eZ SEO Bundle
Optimized SEO management for eZ Platform

Bundle that simplifies your SEO management, metas, sitemaps, robots.txt, etc.

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Nova eZ Accelerator
Performance optimizations bundle for eZ Platform

Brings Asynchronicity using Symfony Messenger.

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Nova eZ Slack Bundle
Drive your CMS with this complete Slack integration

Bundle that allows a 2-way communication between your Slack workspace and your eZ Content Repository. Build custom publication workflow and use them from your mobile.

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Nova eZ Mailing Bundle
Campaigns, Registrations, Mailings, Users etc. all you need for eZ Platform.

Bundle that provides a complete set of tools to manage, build, test and send your mailings.

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Nova eZ Cloudinary Bundle
Images optimizations and manipulations by Cloudinary on top of variatons.

Bundle that brings the power of Cloudinary in your eZ Platform project.

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Nova eZ Extra Bundle
Wrapper object and helpers for eZ Platform.

Bundle that provides helpers (twig, controllers, children provider) and a great Wrapper class to simplify Content and Location management.

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Nova Collection
Pure PHP library that provides Collections.

Collection implementation that wraps regular PHP arrays. Forget foreach and embrace functional programming.

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Nova Form Builder Bundle
Build forms using pure Symfony or eZ Platform.

Two bundles in one package that provides a simple version of Form Builder for eZ Platform Community or pure Symfony project.

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Nova eZ LDAP Authenticator Bundle
LDAP authenticator for eZ Platform.

Thanks to its LDAP provider this bundle allows you to connect your eZ Platform and your LDAP server using Symfony underlaying mechanism.

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Nova eZ Static Templates Bundle
Render twig templates via their paths through the eZ Platform Design Engine stack.

This is the perfect small bundle that you need to build your Front-end first using Twig.

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Nova eZ Solr Search Extra Bundle
eZ Platform Solr search handler additions.

Adds many things, binary file plain text content indexation, fullText criterion, custom field configuration, exact matches boosting configuration, etc.

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Nova eZ Protected Content Bundle
Protect contents via a simple password with changing the Content Type.

Simplest paywall-like mechanism to protect a content using a password. It just works and no session used!

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