Novactive Nova eZ Platform Bundles

Novactive eZ 2FA Bundle

Novactive eZ 2FA Bundle provides two-factor authentication for your ezplatform/ibexa project.



  • eZ Platform 3.1+
  • PHP 7.3

Use Composer

Add the lib to your composer.json, run composer require novactive/ez2fabundle to refresh dependencies.

Register the bundle

Then inject the bundle in the config\bundles.php of your application.

    return [
        // ...
        Novactive\Bundle\eZ2FABundle\NovaeZ2FABundle::class => [ 'all'=> true ],

Add routes

Make sure you add this route to your routing:

# config/routes.yaml

    resource: '@NovaeZ2FABundle/Resources/config/routing.yaml'

Update Configuration

# config/security.yaml

            pattern: ^/
            user_checker: eZ\Publish\Core\MVC\Symfony\Security\UserChecker
            anonymous: ~
            ezpublish_rest_session: ~
                require_previous_session: false
                csrf_token_generator: security.csrf.token_manager
            logout: ~
                auth_form_path: 2fa_login    # The route name you have used in the routes.yaml
                check_path: 2fa_login_check  # The route name you have used in the routes.yaml

        - { path: ^/logout, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }
        - { path: ^/2fa, role: IS_AUTHENTICATED_2FA_IN_PROGRESS }

Add new configuration

The values can be updated according to the project specification

# config/packages/scheb_two_factor.yaml


        enabled: '%nova_ez2fa.backup_codes.enabled%' # Reading the value from the nova_ez2fa.backup_codes.enabled value in parameters section
        manager: Novactive\Bundle\eZ2FABundle\Security\BackupCodeManager # This should either remain or be replaced with another one developed for that purpose

        enabled: true
        server_name: Local Ez Server                # Server name used in QR code
        issuer: EzIssuer                            # Issuer name used in QR code
        digits: 6                                   # Number of digits in authentication code
        window: 1                                   # How many codes before/after the current one would be accepted as valid
        template: "@ezdesign/2fa/auth.html.twig"    # Template for the 2FA login page

    # TOTP Authenticator config
        enabled: true                               # If TOTP authentication should be enabled, default false
        server_name: Server Name                    # Server name used in QR code
        issuer: TOTP Issuer                         # Issuer name used in QR code
        window: 1                                   # How many codes before/after the current one would be accepted as valid
        template: "@ezdesign/2fa/auth.html.twig"    # Template used to render the authentication form

    # Trusted device feature
        enabled: true                                   # If the trusted device feature should be enabled
        # manager: acme.custom_trusted_device_manager   # Use a custom trusted device manager
        lifetime: 259200                                # Lifetime of the trusted device token, in seconds
        extend_lifetime: false                          # Automatically extend lifetime of the trusted cookie on re-login
        cookie_name: trusted_device                     # Name of the trusted device cookie
        cookie_secure: true                             # Set the 'Secure' (HTTPS Only) flag on the trusted device cookie
        cookie_same_site: "lax"                         # The same-site option of the cookie, can be "lax", "strict" or null
        # cookie_domain: ""                             # Domain to use when setting the cookie, fallback to the request domain if not set
        cookie_path: "/"                                # Path to use when setting the cookie

# Whether to use the backup codes or not should be specified here, then used in scheb_two_factor.backup_codes
# It's done this way in order to be able to determine if the backup codes should be generated or not
    nova_ez2fa.backup_codes.enabled: true

For full scheb_two_factor reference visit the following resource:

Note to keep in mind: This bundle is Siteaccess aware so each Siteaccess can have different authentication method.

# config/packages/nova_ez2fa.yaml

        # Available methods - google, totp, microsoft. Set per Siteaccess.
        # If microsoft is selected the totp mechanism is still used but the config is forced and static so Microsoft Authenticator app can be used.
            2fa_method: google
            2fa_method: totp
            # if microsoft method set - the config is forced to: algorithm: sha1, period: 30, digits: 6
                algorithm: sha1 #(md5, sha1, sha256, sha512)
                period: 30
                digits: 6

Create the table in DB:

See the file bundle/Resources/sql/schema.sql

Manually removing 2FA record for specific User:

If some User needs its 2FA record in the database removed to be able to login without entering 2FA code run the following command acx:users:remove-2fa with specifying user's login:

php ezplatform/bin/console nova:2fa:remove-secret-key user_login

Note to keep in mind: If you have the 2FA already set up for the user and you're going to reset it by following the corresponding link on the 2FA Setup page don't change the method for the current Siteaccess before that! Because in this case the secret key will supposed to be removed for the new method not for the old one and hence the reset won't work!

Updated on 09--24--2021 01:06:05