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RSS Bundle installation instructions

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Installation steps

Use Composer

Add the lib to your composer.json, run composer require novactive/ezrssfeedbundle to refresh dependencies.

Then inject the bundle in the bundles.php of your application.

   Novactive\EzRssFeedBundle\EzRssFeedBundle::class => [ 'all'=> true ],

Add routes

Make sure you add this route to your routing:

# config/routes.yaml

    resource: '@EzRssFeedBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml'

Import database tables

Rss Bundle uses custom database tables to store data. Use the following command to add the tables to your eZ Publish database:

$ php bin/console doctrine:schema:update 

Clear the caches

Clear the eZ Publish caches with the following command:

$ php app/console cache:clear

Install and dump assets

Run the following to correctly install and dump assets for admin UI. Make sure to use the correct Symfony environment with --env parameter:

$ php app/console assets:install --symlink --relative


A default view "rss_line" was created with an associated default template. The override rule supports all types of content items.

If you want to implement a particular view for a content type just do it like this:

                    template: "AcmeBlogBundle:eZViews:line/article.html.twig"
                        Identifier\ContentType: [article]

Updated on 04--04--2022 06:10:21