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Novactive eZ SEO Bundle


5.1.0 (next tag soon)

  • Add new display_images_in_sitemap configuration to enable listing the ezimage original urls for each content in the Sitemap.
  • Add new sitemap_includes configuration to specifically 'include' instead of 'exclude'.
  • Ignore sitemap_excludes misconfiguration when necessary
  • Update the Makefile for better contributor install


  • Compatibility with 3.x
  • Github Actions and ready for more tests

Thank you to all the contributors! Past, current and future!


  • Compatibility with 2.x
  • Redirect Module to manage your 301 in the Admin UI directly (under the Content Tab)
  • Limit the Sitemap to the Root Location of the Site Access
  • Allow
  • Revamp of the directory architecture to make it more "Symfony clean like"
  • Auto wiring
  • PHP 7
  • Asset package support

Thank you to all the contributors! Past, current and future!


Many small things, bug fixes, compatibility with eZ 1.x and 2.x


  • add Bing Verification Controller and Config


  • Remove the Legacy code
  • Add the Admin UI.


  • New feature: CustomFallback (see Features)


  • Fix bug: Editing an object relation or layout block causes the metadata field to lose its value #11


  • Fix bug: SELECT query malformed #9
  • Fix bug: Metas aren't generated just after the attribute class is added #4


  • Initial release

Updated on 04--04--2022 06:10:21