Novactive Nova eZ Platform Bundles

Novactive eZ SEO Bundle



  • 5.x: eZ Platform 3.x
  • 4.x: eZ Platform 2.x clean and revamp, Redirect Manager
  • 3.x: Admin UI and double compatibility, bugfixes etc..
  • 2.x: Platform UI.
  • 1.1.0: NEW CustomFallback system that allows you too have a last level of Fallback if something is empty.
  • Powerful novaseometas Field Type with its fallback system based on an extended Object/Url Pattern feature
  • Default <meta> management configuration
  • Default <link> management configuration
  • Robots.txt management configuration
  • Google Verification management configuration
  • Sitemap generation (basic system)
  • Google Analytics integration

Field Type edition

Nova eZ SEO Field Type

Next Steps ?

  • Asynchronous Sitemap generation ( ESI based ? X-Location-Id and so on )
  • Back office edition for <meta>, <link>, Robots.txt and Google Verification
  • Any ideas ?
  • Meta viewport (essentiel for responsive handling)

Updated on 04--04--2022 06:10:21